Welcome to The Gatekeeper’s Movement! My name is Taylor McKinley and I’m one of the co-founders here. Our community was created in July of 2014 because I, a major skeptic, purchased a box of oils. Maybe you’re looking into it? That’s probably what brought you here.

The oils were my first baby step into embodying the role as the gatekeeper of my home. Because of the inspiring community, the baby steps keep happening. Now, here I am leading a movement of other families doing the same.

I’m just a wife and mom who is passionate about empowering you to be the gatekeeper of your home. My decision to purchase a kit of oils was out of desperation. I experienced tragedy which lead me to looking for alternatives and other options to care for my family. I'd love to share more with you sometime!

When I purchased my kit I experienced big results within the first week which made me hungry to learn more. As I was plugged into our amazing community, I started learning about our toxic burden actually causing so much chronic illness even when, especially when, we don't realize it. There are 84,000 chemicals put into our food and products each year without safety testing. 

We, The Movement, say the buck stops here. It starts with us. We can control what we allow within the walls of our homes.

Our mission: To equip you with resources and community so that you can confidently pursue a wellness lifestyle that you love and invite people to join you on the journey!

Our vision: By 2022, Our Gatekeepers Movement will be influencing the lives of over 30,000 families raising and inspiring truth bringing, hope stirring, freedom seeking families living well and with intention.


Do you want more information or help with becoming the gatekeeper of your home? Drop me a message here.


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